pear #springforpears and #usapears

Still life photo of pear and leaves on burlap and wood. Sometimes all you want for dessert is one perfect pear

pear, sliced

still lifes 2013

This untypical floral scented soy candle captures the essence of rich white pear, pure French lavender, jasmine blossoms & Tahitian vanilla bean. oz aromatherapy candle for approx 50 hours of room(Cheese Platter Presentation)

Could see this on Mom's handwritten recipe or a pomegranate may be more suitable


thatkindofwoman: Kat Fact: I love to eat apples and pears with a knife, slice pieces off, use the knife, but always be careful not to slice your lips or tongue. (via maryruffle)

Ruth Black for Stocksy United

Strawberries in a china bowl by Ruth Black - Strawberry, Bowl - Stocksy United