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Alice Satherley-Thomas
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World War 1 140+ Letters & Photocards - Lancashire Fusiliers Soldier of Carlisle

World War 1 Letters & Photocards - Lancashire Fusiliers Soldier of Carlisle

wills and final letters of soldiers killed in WW1 finally shared

The forgotten letters of World War One: Never before seen love notes

Letters from World War ll.  This will always be more romantic than emails or text messages.

Love letters from World War ll.

During war, people were sending triangular folded letters, because of the envelope shortage.

Triangular folded letters sent during wartime. Without access to envelopes and postcards, soldiers folded up triangular letters that were their own package–”letter and envelope in one.

A Letter of Memoriam from the King during the First World War.

Letter which accompanied the "Dead Mans Penny ".



There is still a place in the line for you. Will you fill it? | British WW1 Propaganda Poster

World War 1 British enlistment poster - specifies men and excludes women - will need contrasting but shows the sexism

American World War 1 propaganda poster regarding the issue of rationing in the country. The poster is encouraging people to take only what they need and to share the rest throughout.

Rationing propaganda poster in the U.

Lemon Soda and Ginger Ale Labels | Free Flavour

Lemon Soda and Ginger Ale Labels

ephemera printable.

matchbook covers - free ephemera images to…