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Edificio Córdoba-Reurbano - Picture gallery

Visions of an Industrial Age: Edificio Córdoba-Reurbano - Picture gallery

Wooden Wall

BPGM Law Office / FGMF Arquitetos

Built by FGMF Arquitetos in Sao Paulo, Brazil with date Images by Fran Parente. Called for a bid of an architecture project for two floors of BPGM Law Office, we came across with a clear division: .

CASA QUINDICIQUATTRO, Turin, 2013 - Fabio Fantolino

Study of architecture, planning and Interior Design Fabio Fantolino - Turin - detail

Glass pivot door with offset axis pivot hinge without built-in floor fixtures. The unique pivot system is integrated in the black anodized door frame and sits on top of the finished floor. It can be installed in new or existing homes.

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Esquadria de alumínio com folhas de correr. Drenagem de água no piso embutida nos perfis da esquadria.

A Threshold Drainage Solution suitable for use with all our flush threshold doors such as our large sliding glass doors, bi folding doors and minimal pivot doors.

Sistema de fijación aluminio / de barandilla / para panel / perfiles de fijación CU Clear glass

In-floor glass support system The in-floor glass support system is placed in the ground. The base is covered by aluminium covers and special waterproof gaskets at the same level as the final floor. This system is suitable for 16 or thick gla

While it is a photo of the staircase in isolation, it shows great resemblance in shape and design to the path used in Queenscliff's floating staircase. The use of hard grey material and the natural lighting affects the light and shade on the path.

scandinavian retreat.

Image 7 of 36 from gallery of Office & House Luna / Hitzig Militello Arquitectos. Photograph by Federico Kulekdjian


What a beautiful staircase by David Chipperfield Architects which mixes concrete and brass to glamorous perfection

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This lighting features in the Sipopo Congress Center by Tabanlioglu Architects. It's an interesting way to seamlessly incorporate lighting into a feature wall, enhancing its purpose a focal point.