RILEY Bridget - English (Londen 1931) - OP-ART

This is a picture that painted by a English artist Bridget Riley in This picture is kind of Op art that show us the visual illusion from the picture, and if you see at the middle of this picture, is seems like it's beating.

Bridget Riley, 1968

Op Artist Bridget Riley by John Goldblatt. "no painter, dead or alive, has made us more aware of our eyes than Bridget Riley" Robert Melville 1971

Inspired by Bridget Riley - Descending (1965)

Into The Continuum :: A perspective on mathematics, the pattern, and the abstract with animated GIFs and code to reproduce.

bridget riley by ida kar

"Focusing isn't just an optical activity, it is also a mental one." - Bridget Riley // Artist Bridget Riley photography by Ida Kar // Bridget Riley is an English painter who is one of the foremost exponents of Op art.

documentassion: “ Bridget Riley in her Warwick Road studio, London, with cartoon for ‘Continuum’, ”

Bridget Riley

It was around this time that the term ‘Op Art’ entered the public consciousness…

Fall (1963) / by Bridget Riley

Op Art Bridget Riley Fall 1963 ‘I try to organise a field of visual energy which accumulates until it reaches maximum tension'

Academia de Bellas Artes de Santa Cecilia: «Desde 1850»: Bridget Riley

Op Art came about in the Optical Art, Op Art for short, features optical illusions that trick the eye. Op art is usually done in black and white, making it monochrome art.

Movement in Squares - Bridget Riley

Bridget Louise Riley CH CBE is an English painter who is one of the foremost proponents of Op art. She currently lives and works in London, Cornwall, and France.

bridget Riley | X7050 Bridget Riley Arrest 3 , 1965 Acrylic on linen, 175 x 192 cm ...

Bridget Riley, Arrest Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, © 2010 Bridget Riley. All rights reserved.

“internationally famous” artist Bridget Riley ran in Vogue in 1965 Photo Snowdon/Trunk Archive