Bowie by David Bailey. Too fabulous for words.

Glam Rock fashion was an endogenous style of dress made popular by musicians like David Bowie. It incorporated elaborate details and dramatic pieces like feather boas and platform shoes.

Jean Shrimpton - photographer,David Bailey

Terry O’Neill’s shot of a barefoot Jean Shrimpton on a rain-soaked street on her way to a fashion shoot typified the unconventional and informal attitudes of young women in A Look Back at The Year of the Revolution

Jean Shrimpton in New York (the U.N. building just behind her), 1962. Photo: David Bailey.

Shrimpton and Bailey

Jean Shrimpton phptographed by David Bailey for Vogue, New York 1962 - Photography that changed fashion

Jean shrimpton / David bailey

Fashion photographer, David Bailey Jean looked out of the window and dreamed of her next visit to Calling All Hipsters Vintage,

Rudolf Nureyev, 1965. Photo: David Bailey.

Rudolf Khametovich Nureyev March 1938 – 6 January was a Russian dancer, considered one of the most celebrated ballet dancers of the century.