Art Department - Beamont Collegiate Academy

Art Department - Beamont Collegiate Academy

Art Department - Beamont Collegiate Academy
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The image depicts the life stages of a butterfly, it bursts from its chrysalis. Similar, Miranda as the butterfly collected by Clegg also yearns for freedom in the novel.

These breathtaking images were taken by snapper Jimmy Hoffman who took the shots in Girona, Spain.

Robert Rauschenberg - what can you see in the artwork? What can you tell about the context that the artwork was created? Primary or Secondary Resources?

delightfullycatawampus: “ Robert Rauschenberg, Signs, 1970 ” In loving memory of Neil Armstrong (pictured in Signs, bottom left), August 1930 – August “Neil was among the greatest of.

Twists and turns: Works are created using only the pictures that are already in the volumes and the end result is a hollowed out book with a...

Alexander Korzer-Robinson - collages created using old books, cutting around to expose layers through the book. Each image is in it's original place - the collage effect is achieved through depth.

Kirsty Mitchell exhibition | Passionate About Vintage

Kirsty Mitchell's work is very interesting and i have added it to my artist research because all of her work is linked with nature, she does a lot of photography as well which i will look into more.