Crate Shelves

tutorial: stain inexpensive crates from Joann and turn into an easy bookcase. Need to do this for the office/craft room.

another way to show all the different places you've lived

DIY Map Art from Kayla Danelle. Print states from a map website (link included), cut out, add a heart sticker, frame. This is such a fantastic idea! Must make for gift!

want, want, want, WANT!

Absolutely love this stained glass Nugget window. This window is installed in a door - although it has Gothic design principles, blends with contemporary architecture.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Using mason jars for your wedding? Go all out with this DIY mason jar soap dispenser.

OMG this is beautiful.......!

recycled glass window - composed of serving plates, wine bottle bottoms, stemware bottoms and faceted stained glass jewels.

So colourful again by Graham & Green

Embroidered Gypsy Caravan Cushions, Graham and Green. Home, decor, boho

Exactly the colors we wanted...

Shower Refresh - A new shower curtain is a simple way to update a bathroom. A fabric curtain presents a more luxurious look than a plastic one (team it with a liner).

After you are done with your coconut, hollow it out out and use it to plant vegetables with shallow roots in them such as lettuces and other greens.

How to Make a Seed Starter Pot Using a Coconut - Using Coconut Shells as a Planter / Urban Organic Gardener