Hands, woman, female, nude, black and white, photo, retouch, mood and this is so Art

This time we chose to present to you one very talented photographer – Mariya. Mariya takes photos in a unique way. He combines artistic tone with a perfect angle when he takes photographs of women body. Those photographs are not distasteful at all,.

Harold Edgerton, Pete Desjardin diving

Dr Strobe: the man who stopped time and electrified photography – in pictures

Chronophotography: The Photos That Revealed The Secrets Of Motion

1954 by Harold Eugene Edgerton Diver Bert West flips backwards in a multiflash shot that lasted less than half a second. West engaged Harold E. Edgerton to assist him in preparing a manual for divers.

Data Deluge: October 2011

Undulations of the fins of a skate viewed from the side, Étienne-Jules Marey, 1894 Sinoidal motion in nature