Victoria Justice - Friday, February 19, 1993 - 5' 5'' - Hollywood, Florida, USA.

Victoria Justice Hairstyles

*Own Character* Isabelle Thomas- Age: 15 Parents: Dean and *insert random female name here* Thomas House: Gryffindor Actress: Victoria Justice

Daisy Hammond (Victoria Justice)

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Shout out to Lusine Galadjian, Celebrity Makeup Artist for my FOX Teen Choice Awards look. I really loved the makeup! Laura Polko killed it with these.

Leah Cooper

Brooklyn Decker in Just Go With It Love the dress, and her makeup and the hair flower.

Leah Cooper

'I was too scared to do yoga with Jennifer!' Brooklyn Decker on Ms Aniston's intimidatingly perfect body

Leah Cooper

Carolina Herrera To Be Honored by the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery to honor fashion designer Carolina Herrera

Between Us - Renegade Saints, #3 ebook by Ella Fox

Between Us - Renegade Saints, ebook by Ella Fox