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The movie should have started in color, the moment elsa said "conceal it don't feel it" and put on the gloves for the first time (during do you want to build a snowman) everything goes black and white, the this happens during let it go. As Anna freezes trying to save elsa it goes black and white again then after being unfrezed it goes colorful again < -- interesting idea.

This is so what Elsa feels like. First she lays in a a life of fear and hatred. (Black and White) Then she set herself free (Which would make all the other colors)

Look at how her face lights up :) [GIF]

lizthefangirl: “ mydisneystories: “ do you see this face do you see this face trying so hard at the beginning to keep it in, because she’s afraid of herself do you see how her face lights up when she.

The past is in the past!

I'm never going back. Let it go, let it go, I'm one with the wind and sky! Let it go, let it goo! You'll never see me cry! Here I stand and here I stay, let the storm rage on!


In honor of Frozen's box office win and how cold it is outside, we present cold weather expectations vs reality, with GIFs.

Elsa letting it go..

It would have been interesting if Elsa became a little more bad before realizing she was turning into a monster, because this scene is pretty cool. I wish they had put it into the movie.


Turn away and slam the door! I don't care, what their going to say, Let the storm rage on!