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Bernadette Barrett

Sherlock, Dr Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit.. The list goes on <3
Bernadette Barrett
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So this started out being REALLY SAD AND SCARY. And then it ended with, "I just really love math guys". and I'm dying. << I'm scared of math

Benedict Cumberbatch: “He’s always doing kung fu on me. We’ll be standing around, and I won’t be paying any attention to him, and then he suddenly goes, ‘HYYYMMNNNN’ and his hand is right next to my windpipe.”

"He's always doing Kung Fu on me. We'll be standing around, I won't be paying attention o him, and then he suddenly goes, 'HYYYMMMNNN' and his hand is right next to my windpipe." -Benedict Cumberbatch on Martin Freeman

I absolutely trust this man.

"I absolutely trust this man." "He's not some kind of a mad man then?" "I absolutely trust this man.

Dr. Who.  As ridiculously brilliant as it sounds.

Also, that awkward moment you find out your wife was conceived in your spaceship during her parents' honeymoon, which was your wedding gift to her parents, who are your best friends. Never apply logic to Who.


Well, we all do silly things sometimes. *giggles* Slaughtering the Enterprise crew seems a bit more than silly, Molly.

Makes sense...

Sherlock: Here you are John, nice hot cup of coffee. John: It’s cold. Sherlock: Nice cup of coffee. John: It’s horrible. Sherlock: Cup of coffee. John: I’m not even sure it is coffee.<--- This comment made me so happy!