HFW - Tricky word skittles

Reading - HFW Ring Around A Bottle - students toss the ring and say the word if they land on one, for early years use single letters for the children to sound out

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How to spell: top 10 tricks

spelling For this spelling activity the teacher writes a word on the chalkboard and the students write over it with a paint brush and water. This helps the students get familiar with spelling words and helps them practice writing them.

Do it with Math

This activity that works with blending words allows children to practice their phonics and gives them an opportunity to move around.

Matching letters with the base to make words. Great for phonics!

An interactive activity which involves students choose individual blocks with single letters on to build a word which is spelt out on a singular block. Great for practising phonics with younger pupils.

free farm worksheets for kindergarten - Google Search

MEGA Math & Literacy Worksheets & Activities - Down on the Farm. Pages in total! A page from the unit: Pre-writing tracing practice.

TheHappyTeacher: 8 Educational Easter Egg Activities!

Your students will be learning, having fun, and celebrating the joy of Easter with these educational Easter egg activities.

Writing and mark making in magical fairy dust!

Sensory Writing in Fairy Dust

Make a star dust sensory writing tray to create a magical and exciting early writing experience for young children! Fine motor skills and sensory play too.

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