braided apple danish loaf

braided apple danish loaf lots if other neat stuff. Entree and sweets.

Pear Cake #recipe

Pear cake, I think this idea has great mileage if I core the pears (or apples) stuff with mincemeat or sweet ground almonds and stick in an angelica stalk.

Brown Rice Salad with Green Miso Dressing | Lush Loves

brown rice salad with green miso dressing on lush loves. Looks yummy!

Holiday Wreath Bread! #cooking

Rosca de pan

Wreath bread recipe - would be fun to style a bread wreath for this story!

citrus mini cakes

citrus mini cakes + friday links

Skyr Cake Recipe Alternative Cheesecake

Skyr Cake Recipe Alternative Cheesecake via bakers royale

Food Photography - This picture is beautiful because of the actual cake that is styled so wonderfully. The messy props add to the styling.