*Sewnnews, AMAZING!!! Embroidered New York Times Photos by Lauren DiCioccio - http://laughingsquid.com/sewnnews-embroidered-new-york-times-photos-by-lauren-dicioccio/?utm_source=feedburner_medium=feed_campaign=Feed%3A+laughingsquid+%28Laughing+Squid%29_content=Google+Reader

Sewnnews, Embroidered New York Times Photos by Lauren DiCioccio

Rebecca Harris: detailed images from the crit

A high eww factor but probably all women who saw this thought--yea, I felt like that, too.

Cindy Sherman "Untitled Film Stills"

IS series is an Awe Aspect-specific showcase of the most of influential artists and photographers today.IS is Cindy Sherman – Untitled Film Stills.

distressed canvas strips stitched to create layers, dyed and manipulated for patterns. Inspired by Margaret Crowther

marisa-ramirez: “ junko oki ”

An entry from le petit trianon

the woolly dog: Junko Oki. The amazing freestyle embroidery of Japanese textile artist Junko Oki

Anna Torma was born in 1952, Tarnaors, Hungary. http://www.goldenfingers.info/art-quilts-by-anna-torma/

Anna Torma was born in Tarnaors, Hungary. Her interest in working with textiles goes back to early childhood when she l

Baby Boudoir: Memories from Home - Tracey Emin Exhibition

Contamination of the Soul ( 2008 ) by Tracey Emin: the ever-contraversial British artist

Ana Teresa Barboza | Yellowtrace

Badass Embroidery by Ana Teresa Barboza

Ana Teresa Barboza - Thread and Needle 2 hate the themes' angst, but I love the originality in embroidery art. So unusual, but at least the artist used to have the guts !