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England  ·  I'm the author of the Night School series and I'm just putting things up here that remind me of my books.
CJ Daugherty
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"Taylor ducked through the narrow doorway...."

Pembroke College (Oxford University) My brother Jerry went here for law school once upon a time RIP Jer --love u

Entrance to the admin building at St Wilfreds

Bodleian library is the main research library of the University of Oxford, one of the oldest libraries in Europe, and in Britain is second in size only to the British Library. Look at that door!

Door to the Library of St Wilfreds

The door to the Old Bodleian Library of Oxford University, with the coat-of-arms of several of the University’s colleges. (I have been told that the Bodleian Library was named for the Bodily family in England.

"When she was younger, she would play hide and seek here with Emily for ages. There were endless nooks and crannies that made ideal hiding places."

Dream grad school -- Glasgow University, Scotland, founded in 1451 and is the second oldest university in Scotland behind St Andrews and fourth oldest in the English speaking world behind Oxford and Cambridge.