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Workshops offered for the 2015 event

CMW Miniatures Workshops
Specialized in miniature handbound books Book Binding, Mini Books, Miniatures, Mini Things, Mockup, Bookbinding, Cover Books

Specialized in miniature handbound books

Tine Krijnen - Book Binding

Theresa Stringer / Friday Night - Bird of Paradise Paradise, Workshop, Friday, Bird, Night, Plants, Atelier, Birds, Plant

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Theresa Stringer Horse Accessories, Dollhouse Miniatures, Workshop, Dolls, The Originals, Model, Plants, Pictures, Handmade

Original handmade dolls house miniatures, flower kits, plants, trees, furniture, pictures, books, ephemera, dolls house accessories

a dolls house miniaturist producing exquisite quality handcrafted plants, flowers, flower kits, furniture, pictures, photographs, books and model horse accessories

Jamie Carrington / Friday - Wigging Place Cards, Workshop, Friday, Place Card Holders, Atelier

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