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Elf on a Shelf - Using a sock as a sleeping bag

Elf has a sock sleeping bag. Would be cute to put barbies, small stuffed animals, etc in "sleeping bags" too for a sleepover.

Elf on the Shelf. Hung up on the fridge in Tommy’s underpants.

Lol, this is pretty funny 😂 Elf on the Shelf hung up on the fridge in underpants.

welcome back Elf on the Shelf

15 More Elf on the Shelf ideas to add to your arsenal. The kids will laugh and have fun with some of these elf antics. Get new elf ideas.

We scoured Pinterest for 30 way-too-cute Elf on the Shelf poses we'd never seen before...let these i

An Elf teaching kids how to behave. Preach to your kids about being good.Only to have a naughty elf teach them to be. I always wondered why the elf did "bad" things if he was supposed to help kids behave.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas: All Wrapped Up

Elf on the Shelf: All Wrapped Up

Elf On The Shelf: You must have left your wrapping paper, scissors, and tape out when wrapping presents because the next morning, you find your elf all wrapped up like a present.

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Last Day Idea- Cha-Ching Love Oh the Littles capitol-L-Loved this elf mischief! Love Bug, our Elf on the Shelf, left a love message for them. using change! Yup, the way to my Little's hearts is through pennies,.