Maria Aparicio If i looked into the idea of meat and flesh I thought that I…

Design Inspiration // Maria Aparicio… and friends. All of these pieces are collaborations with various photographers. They supply the stunning images, and she supplies the embroidery.

Mixed Media Photography by Aliza Razell…

What Type Of Wings Should You Have?

Sunsets reflected in broken mirrors

Mirrors reflective essay example Jun 2007 · Essay Mirror We must have. What can we really see in the mirror? Reflection is the most important function of the mirror. For example, we may hear.

Mayako Nakamura: "Fu'kei no hohaba" (His Walking Pace) (2013) ink on mimitsu…

dailyartjournal: Fu’kei no hohaba ink on mimitsu handmade washi paper, collage on canson paper for mixed media by may.

i heart teaching art: 3W: Stephen J Shanabrook

Paper surgery photography: Stephen J Shanabrook takes photographs of beautiful supermodels and turns them into grotesque monsters by toying with the idea of beauty.

Januz Miralles - Photograph through glass with water poured over the surface of…

“ The Photo Manipulations & Painted Textures of Januz Miralles There is little disclosure on the background and creative technique of Philippines-based artist and photographer, Januz.

Experimental Portrait Photography by Angélica García

Obscure Portrait Photography by Angélica García

Angélica García is a photographer and artist from Venezuela. This experimental photo series by Angélica García includes obscur

wearable old photographs printed onto fabric are by Dutch artist Miranda van…

Photography leaves- would make an awesome family tree! Photos printed on unbleached cotton.

Douglas Gordon..  How might this have become damaged?

artistiq-ue: “Self-Portrait of You + Me (Catherine Deneuve), August 2007 — Douglas Gordon ”

Stan Strembicki - Post Katrina: Books and Photographs Found After the Flood…

Portofolio digital photo manipulation - Stan Strembicki - Post Katrina: Books and Photographs Found After the Flood

Serge Mendzhiyskogo - Collage Photography

Serge Mendzhiyskogo Collage Photography

black-tangled-heart: “ Photographer Serge Mendzhiyskogo doesn’t present just one photograph in his works, his are the result of hundreds of photos merged into one complex image. Serge Mendzhiyskogo’s.