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hahahahaha things great about this: Niam love! Larry jealousy and Harry going for Adele:) and all the looks on their faces:)

Larry is real, okay? What about Niam?>>> Of course Niam isn't real! Larry is real! I suggest you open your eyes hun. But Niall’s face

remember when every time they asked him about his perfect partner he always was describing Louis.

When he is asked to describe his ideal partner, he always ends up describing Louis PERFECTLY.

Well here's the difference. Louis was posing for a picture with Eleanor. When you pose for a picture your smile is never genuine. This picture of larry was just a picture of them laughing. There are plenty of elounor pics where he looks happy.

Larry pic is in light, he would have to be squinting, causing wrinkles. Louis already said he doen't ship LARRY anymore gahwd people