Roger Penney

Roger Penney
England / Sailor in R.N. then R.A.N. Then teacher/Lecturer. All the time writing and telling stories. First published 2005.
Roger Penney
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Travellers’ Decorated Caravan (by National Library of Ireland on The Commons) Family in their decorated caravan en route to the Cahirmee Horse Fair at Buttevant, Co. Date: July 1954 Fantastic old photo. Travellers or Tinkers as they are often.

gypsy caravan

Caravan Gypsy Vardo Wagon: A Gypsy wagon.

Romany Gypsy Caravan

Print 10 Romany Gypsy Caravan Ledge Wagon Appleby Horse Fair horses B Law

1914 Gypsy wagon built by one of the most famous builders, Dunton & Sons of Reading, England

1914 Gypsy wagon built by one of the most famous builders, Dunton & Sons of Reading, England - my favourite vardo.


In German-speaking Europe, France and Wallonia, there are the Jenische or Yeniche (in German and French spelling, respectively). This group is descended from Scottish Travelers.

Romanian Gypsies. The Romani are an ethnic group living mostly in Europe, who trace their origins to the Indian Subcontinent. Romani are widely known in the English-speaking world as Gypsies. The Americas are also home to large numbers of Romani. There are an estimated one million Roma in the United States.

Photographer Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert photographed a Sintesti, Romania, from 1990 to documenting the life, traditions, history and outlook of the Romanian Gypsies.

Gypsy family- boho - ☮k☮ - gypsy

Welsh Gypsy family, 1951 Do you know the surname of this family

A Kalderari Romani gypsy in Great Britain. 1911.

Kalderari Romani Man in Great Britain, 1911


Plaid woman's skirt ( maybe apron) & girl's dress. Early maybe by womans belted cardigan Baltimore gypsy camp per floralnymph ALady


The nomadic Gypsies play a massive role in the Empire of Ay/Destiny of Dragons series.