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The real meaning of YOLO! #frozen #olaf

The real meaning of YOLO! We love Frozen! You can listen to the soundtrack free on hoopla!

Take what you need therapy activity...the website has tons of great ideas :)

Take what you need therapy activity.the website has tons of great ideas for childrens' therapy

Happiness for the Halibut: sunday thought

"We Can't Direct the Wind, but We can Adjust the Sails." Thomas S Monson And to add to this quote."I am not afraid of storms for I have learned how to sail my ship" Louisa May Alcott~

One positive thought

One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. Yes so think positive things whoooooo! Be Happy and Positive!


I could have formed a lot of wrong opinions and missed out on a lot of very important people in my life if I had listened to what others said instead. (Believe what a person shows you; not what someone else told you about them).

So true. Stop caring what others think of you. Stop caring about people who don't care about you. Start caring about your happiness and those who really do care for you ❤️

Get Your Border in Order: Twenty Ideas for Bulletin Board Borders |

Whether you are looking for a border to complete your bulletin board, need some fresh design ideas, or are wondering what to do with leftover border pieces, these 20 unique ideas are for you.


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