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Creepy and daring!

This book cover just gives off the feeling of disturbed and creepy. :) Good representation of the book contents. Can't read the title as well as your eye kind of narrows in on the knives above the baby carriage.

Black Betty had a child (Bam-a-Lam)   The damn thing gone wild (Bam-a-Lam)

Black Betty had a child (Bam-a-Lam) The damn thing gone wild (Bam-a-Lam) This is going in funny because of that caption.

Old Shop Window - Dolls Heads & Owls = CREEPY- wouldn't this be fun for a Halloween party with a china cabinet?!

Discover Ospedale delle Bambole (Doll Hospital) in Rome, Italy: A hospital where antique dolls are given new life.

DANG! sure Zoe would be up for recreating this

Scary shit - this is Alison Harvard od ANTM She takes some pretty freaky pics of herself! She is also know as Creepy chan look it up!


Old mirror, painted or not, digitally tweaked photo of ghost, fade edges to transparent attach to mirror and BAM! Extreme Halloween decor :-) mirror with scary photo would work too.

He's really been getting under my skin lately

People don't seem to understand why mental illness is referred to as 'invisible illness.' Maybe if more people saw it like this the phrase 'get over it' would no longer exist.