Illustrations par Peony Yip

Illustrations par Peony Yip

Girl drawings with woodland creatures overlaid Illustrations-par-Peony-Yip

Artist: Peony Yip; Medium: Gold Ink and Ballpoint Pen on Paper; Size: 59 x 42cm, 67 x 50cm(framed); Year: 2015

Transformation IV

Transformation is a solo show by Peony Yip. This is the first of 2 sets under this title.

Peony Yip - Morphing

Lovely animal morphing illustration overlayed on female face by Hong Kong based artist Peony Yip.

The White Deer

Beautiful prints from the Wildlife series by Peony Yip also known as 'The White Deer'.

WHO: Peony Yip WHAT: WildlifeVIII - ballpoint pen WHY: explores the relationship between human, animal and nature.

Peony Yip Morphing Illustrations

I just stumbled over the lovely illustration work of Hong Kong based artist Peony Yip, aka The White Deer. I'm loving all her pencil work, but especially these animal morphing illustrations overlayed on females faces, aiming to