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Vikki Attridge

Vikki Attridge
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tea cups... Would be so cute in a Alice in Wonderland themed room!

Coffee Lights by Bernhard Stellmacher is simply brilliant, at least to those of us whose minds are powered by coffee. Coffee Lights create a tantalizing display to add to your kitchen, breakfast nook, or for above the coffee bar in a meeting room at your

This would look awesome in an Alice in wonderland themed room and painted to match

Some pretty awesome book shelves. I personally want floor to ceiling shelves covering at least two walls in my spare bedroom. until I upgrade from condo to a house with a full-blown library / reading-n-nook room :D

Awesome clock wall mural

Awesome clock wall mural, then at the very center put actual working clock gears and hands so it is a clock. Genius for Wonderland enthusiasts! Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Alice in Wonderland Framed Character Silhouettes Wall Decorations - is it wrong that I just want these for every day?!

Alice in Wonderland party - Framed Character Silhouettes Wall Decoration thinking of maybe an alice in wonderland theme in my makeup studio / salon