“But feelings can't be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.” ― Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

Hello, I’m Kieron Cropper. I make collage art under the pseudonyum and I live in Brighton. I create artwork using vintage imagery and overlooked fragments of old books and magazines. I then combine these using a series of analogue and digital techniques.

Elle Fanning Maurizio Galimberti » Ritratti (multiple polaroid shots in a grid format.)

Such a great photo idea! Maurizio Galimberti’s shoots portraits of celebrities by making Polaroid grids. Each square is an individual photo! Pictured above: Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, Sting, and Elle.

Photographer Christoffer Relander (previously) just finished a new series of photographs titled We Are Nature using double and triple exposures that incredibly are all done in-camera with a Nikon D700. I love the direction his work is taking. See more on Behance.

Christoffer Relander: We Are Nature Multiple Exposure Portraits Vol. II "All images are done "in-camera" while shooting with a Nikon After processing, the contrast and tones were adjusted. The hand portraits are all triple exposed.

Multiple images of someone jumping off a ledge.

It has recently been announced Dubrovnik will be one of the locations for the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series July at I watch.

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