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You guys dont know how many beats my heart skipped after reading this. This is how it should be done.

This is parenting done right. Finally a parent who loves their child no matter what

SO CUTE!!!<<omg this is genius also I really like the bride with the bouquets dress

SO CUTE!<<omg this is genius also I really like the bride with the bouquets dress-- awwww! So cute!

As a parent I can't imagine anything that would make me abandon my child. If you don't love your child unconditionally, then you don't deserve to be a parent.

i never realized this was undertale until now More

lgbt, dolphinisntagender, nonbinary, undertale, nb <<< Dolphin Isn't a Gender

Totally using this when I come out. I'm gonna slap that picture of bismuth on a cake with "I have 83 protons" on the top with rainbow layered sheet cakes.

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Me:*sips apple juice and spies on them* Mike:Your gay. Mike:Once again your gay>>>can i do that rainbow thing but instead of youre its im

This Grayson guy posted that it was a sin anyways, and so I've concluded he's a prick.

I don't necessarily support homosexuality but SHOTS FIRED>>>You either support LGBTQ+ rights or you are a homophobe. I don't know why people oppress gay, lesbian, etc. They love other people just like straights.


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