Matthew Cusick

Matthew Cusick, Cat& Wave, 2015 / © www.

Volunteer close up from the BrainDance project.

Infographic posters created by Črtomir Just and Matej Koncan for the Braindance neuro-art project. The two Slovenian designers Črtomir Just and Matej Konca

Layered India, by New York-based graphic designer and artist Paula Scher - great - geography + art + infographics + India!

MAPS LAYERED WITH DATA TRANSFORM INTO ART I’ve never imagined utilizing maps for interior decorating, for fear I’d suffer flashbacks of dry geography classes. But given the opportunity, I’d cover all my walls in Paula Scher’s data-layered map art.

Brainwave volunteer for the BrainDance project.

Braindance is a neuro-art project that tries to bridge the gap between science and art. Its goal was to find and visualize the differences in people's response to music they heard for the first time.

Layered map of world

The obsessive, amazing map art of Paula Scher.

Brainwaves - this wonderful artwork - a neuro-art project called BrainDance visualises brainwave responses to music. Created by Slovenian artists Črtomir Just, Matej Koncan, Ahac Ahac and BlackBox. The creators goal was "to bridge the gap between science and art". Beautiful and fascinating artwork!

Brainwaves - this wonderful artwork - a neuro-art project called BrainDance…

Course of Empire (Mixmaster 1), 2003 Matthew Cusick, map work

Matthew Cusick Course of Empire (Mixmaster 2003 Inlaid maps, acrylic, on panel 30 x 42 inches

Untitled Wave (Black & Blue), 2008

Matt Cusick - Untitled Wave (Black & Blue), 2008 Maps, engravings, ink, on panel 28 x 44 inches