Retention may be more important than acquiring new donors. Something great businesses know already, and that nonprofits are learning.

10 Things Customer Service Needs to Know About Customers [Infographic] image customer loyalty know the customer

infographic on Africa the first product exported by every african states

Map on Africa. The first product exported by every African state! This is very interesting because these are all natural resources!

LES VINS DE FRANCE de David Gissen Voir le site de lauteur

LES VINS DE FRANCE de David Gissen Voir le site de l’auteur. The coolest way to understand the wine regions of France. This is almost an infographic rather than an illustrated map, but never mind.


Olympic Evolution Infographic This graph charts the participation of nations in the Summer Olympics since the beginning of the modern games in In the beginning, a mere 14 nations competed in the.


This is an illustration from physics professor Peter Alway& 1995 book Rockets of the World. That little black-and-yellow smudge in the second row, that&