Dianne El Habashy

Dianne El Habashy

Manchester / Third culture kid. SFX Group A - The Manchester College
Dianne El Habashy
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Wendigo cosplay

It's a Wendigo! Somebody made a really amazing Wendigo! Creepiest Native American legend I know of.<~ if Sam was a wendigo.

Anubis by gomi gomi.

Anubis by gomi gomi. Special effect fx makeup foam latex appliance for final prosthetics photoshoot. Hope to be good enoug one day (^-^)

Sekhmet : es una de las facetas de la diosa Bastet; Sekhmet es la diosa de la guerra y la destrucción . Bastet diosa de de la fertilidad y la prosperidad del hogar

Sekhmet - Egyptian sun godess with the head of a lioness and body of a woman. She is known to be the fierce warrior for the divine order. Also as a bringing of disease and healing. Daughter of Ra.

SYFY FACE OFF IMAGES | ... full size Clackamas County resident's art for Syfy show 'Face Off

Image detail for -A local makeup artist fought off nearly 500 zombies, aliens and other fierce-looking creations to win the Syfy channel's "Fan Face Off Contest.

Pans Labyrinth: Pans special effects makeup

Doug Jones in the Faun costume during the filming of “Pan’s Labyrinth” (Spanish: El laberinto del fauno) written and directed by Guillermo del Toro

Woooww!!!!! ideal para halloween lastima que ya paso!

~ One of my favorite SFX looks. special effects, makeup, sci fi, prosthetics, SFX prosthetics and accessories