A great blog for anyone interested in colour, architecture and gardening.

Designer Jeffrey Harris on Pentreath & Hall, and owners Ben Pentreath and Bridie Hall

Molly Mahon | FABRICS

Molly's personal aesthetic offers the consumer textiles, wallpapers and homewares that are colourful, original and unique for their home.


The double drawing room in a house on the Thames from Bible of British Taste- just think of dusting this lot though!

The Middle-Sized Garden - » A weekly blog that all gardeners will enjoy.

Could you fall in love with Bad-Girl retro roses

Article: Bright roses from the and staging a return

Faversham Life - Illustration by Ptolemy Dean

Julie Davies teaches Faversham Life to make a charming and simple Christmas wreath with garden clippings and a coat hanger.

This blog is v.personal and brimming with useful gardening tips.

gardening, growing food, plants and flowers.

Healthy Choices

From the Dahlia papers a very visual and elegant blog.

pebble spiral at Kettle's Yard