James Rosenquist, White Bread, 1964

James Rosenquist, “White Bread,” 1964 (he gave the commencement speech at a local art school, Corcoran, a couple of years ago!

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The Pop Object: James Rosenquist, Dishes, 1964 Oil on canvas 50 x 60 inches

F-111 (Castelli Gallery poster) | James Rosenquist | 1965

James Rosenquist - I like how the artist has manipulated this image into almost a collage style, making it possibly reference their family identity through the use of the American flag colours.

James Rosenquist | Untitled (Blue Sky), 1962

James Rosenquist, "Untitled (Blue Sky)," Oil on canvas, 84 x 72 inches. The Brant Foundation

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May 2012 · The Gabinsky version of Painter James Rosenquist Pop Art, "At Leo Castelli's" with Gabinsky's "Out of Time Icon" Captain Amerika (secretly U. Private Citizen Gabriel Cuyar) — at En la Nube.