Sweet Filled Chocolate Coca Cola Bottle.

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Sweet Filled Chocolate Coca Cola Bottle and other chocolate gift ideas

Torte mit Überraschungseffekt


This Smarties Cake is very easy and you'll look like a Pro in the Kitchen. Try the Chocolate Rainbow Smarties Cake too!

hmm...interesting twist. great favor idea

{The Twins Parties} 2 Parties in 1 day - Part 2: The prep

Great idea for favours/wedding kiddies

Sweets - joelpenkman

Smarties box, x

candy color! Canadian Smarties. Yummy in my tummy.

marties and cake.

SMARTIES Cookies: A treat kids of all ages will love.


SMARTIES Cookies brown sugar teaspoon vanilla egg butter flour (that is the quarter recipe for 9 cookies, good for us)

Mini Schokocookies mit Smarties

Mini Schokocookies mit Smarties

Smarties in a box - always felt extra special when I got a box!! - Me too! They were so much better back in the day! Brighter colours and thinner shells!

Smarties in a box - aaah, when blue smarties were properly blue!