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Artist Lance by enotrobin

Artist Lance by enotrobin


Imagine if Lance's bayard could turn into a bow and arrow :') Lance with arrows instead of pew pews~ aim true, lance

Lance and his voltron family

“You Are LOVED ” a mix of words describing who lance is to the gang, or how they feel with him. if only he’d realise the love goes both ways.

Still Standing by PinkHitman

Don’t you know I’m still standing. I have so many other things I have to do, but Voltron season 2 came out, and while I loved it I no. Still Standing


This is why I love Coran. Because although Lance makes himself "known" by being constantly obnoxious and trying to make the others laugh (even at his own expense).otherwise he just sorta doesn't get noticed--except by Coran.

That's sad. I didn't like Lance at first but he's growing in me went he's angsty. Give him more angst and I'll probably like him better

This hurts my heart, lance deserves so much, he constantly believes he is the seventh wheel and talks about missing home so much but cant.