You are my kaleidoscope by Serene Ng.

"You Are my kaleidoscope" by Serene Ng - Embroidered handmade book design

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Create with Me: Mixed-media Holiday Projects Part 1

Ian Murphy - Architectural Studies in Sketchbook

Ian Murphy - Architectural Studies in Sketchbook I like the use of ink and drawing to create this piece and the annotations next to it

Pattern in Islamic Art, never depicts Allah as a person; always abstract symmetrical patterns. These are repeated to depict Allah as an Infinite being

A symbol of the infinite and uncentralized. A never-ending pattern extending beyond the bounds of a visible material world. Islamic geometric pattern draft, c.


Pencils, Pens & Scissors is the visual diary of Oslo based graphic designer Daniel Tveiten. You can find more information about me and my work on thisisdaniel.

Pinecone Relief Print 7.5x12 by laurensmucker

Week One: Find at least 2 images of relief prints that you really like! Pin them to your board and explain what you like about them in the description box. Homework is due Weds. Pinecone Relief Print by laurensmucker

COMPLETED: cute little boxes...I'll find a decorative purpose somehow!

DIY: Transform old Christmas lights into adorable mini paper-cube lanterns

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