Peeling Paint = Analagous Beauty

⇜ Rust Lust ⇝ rusted metal with gorgeous patina -I like this piece because I might try this method for sculpture at a later date

Mausoleum door detail, Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland. Palette in…

Mausoleum door detail, Green Mount Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland by Star Cat

What a poetry in this floating isolated rustic it.

The texture on the rusted key is busy and has a range of colour and tone. The composition of they key in the image could inspire composition of a more abstract painting as a final outcome.

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Skull art print, skull dictionary art print, skull pink roses decor

Skull Art Print Roses book art Skull with by MadameMemento. Interesting canvas idea to explore with ink.

Capsule Collection - Inner Decay

Capsule Collection

Lovely soft colors and details. - Latest fashion trends, casual and street styles outfits - New York City Fashion Styles

This is very interesting, as if the wind has brought life back into the deserted…

Tattered Curtain Fall '09 No.3

I love the fact that these paintings have been done on wood, even though you can…

ANTONIO MORA (aka mylovt) ~ a Spanish artist who combines with talent portraits photographed in various landscapes

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