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tum The real reason we hate going to school

so funny and true.thats a lot of homework a night for high school students. i didn't even have that much in college until i was into my major


Plz excuse the lang, but I want capes to come back! Sorry about language

Vin Diesel

Bradley is probably getting into the emotional bits there. That looks a bit like the "I'm a monster speech"

Nem sempre é fácil conviver com o stress. Mesmo jovens estudantes podem sofrer bastante com a pressão de aulas e provas frequentes na escola ou na faculdade. Mas, por sorte, alguns professores já estão fazendo o possível para ajudar os alunos a lidar com isso. É o caso de uma professora de psicologia que entregou aos seus alunos uma lista...

101 Ways To Reduce Stress. Learn about the stress reducing qualities of Formula 1 by Living Healthy Longer. It's conceived from billions of dollars of Russian adaptogens science. Rebalance the immune system, increase energy, improve sleep patterns, enhanc


This is honestly the funniest thing I've ever read. Just read it and smile. Yay for sugar scrubs!


things to do when you are sad- The anime and pokemon stuff is stupid and doesn't apply, but the Bob Dylan and cupcake ones are pretty spot on