Chloe's Ice Cream Birthday Party | That Cute Little Cake

Finally all the pictures from the Ice Cream Birthday Party ! I created this cute little ice cream parlour for the children to come an.

This hot air balloon is fun fun with a basket of flowers, it's also pretty. Use it on an escort table or guestbook table.

hot air balloon centerpiece Up, up, and away! For a whimsical wedding, guests will love this unique hot air balloon centerpiece.

A Carnival-themed wedding (must have been great for the food/reception budget!). Could also do this for one of the girls' birthdays.

Wedding Carnival Popcorn Booth by yourhomebasedmom, via Flick It was kinda like this but a lot less decorations.

{Etsy Spotlight} Curvy Carnival Wedding  | Pretty Pear Bride

{Etsy Spotlight} Curvy Carnival Wedding

Dress up your bar or cocktail area with a retro style paper straw and a flag with LOVE by LollipopsAndPussycat at Etsy