Ever since I was a little girl, I started growing out my hair envisioning a style like this for my wedding!

Our 26 Plait and Braid Wedding Hair Styles that we think brides of 2015 will love. Perfect hair inspiration for a festival boho bride

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Chinese Flying Lanterns

Funny pictures about Amazing Floating Lantern Festival in Thailand. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing Floating Lantern Festival in Thailand. Also, Amazing Floating Lantern Festival in Thailand.

A bonfire is the perfect way to relax, chat, enjoy the peace and quiet, admire nature's company  keep warm in the evening of course! #TAKEITOUTDOORS #DORSETTEA

Love the idea of offering our guests blankets and pillows to get comfy outside around the fire pit, or under the big oak tree. i specially love these big, chunky, knitted blankets, but maybe in less brighter colors.

Jam jar lanterns; a simple idea that is easy and cheap to make but really effective | Sofia Høegh

Catching Fairies with Mason Jars. Cover the outside of the jars with various amounts of tissue paper. Then light a candle on the inside. Great for a summers night. Better effect with more mason jars!

For a collection of candids that will keep you smiling for years, nothing does the trick like a vintage photo booth.

02 17 Rustic Ideas Plum Pretty Sugar

Music, whether its a DJ or a orchestra, is only one way to keep the party moving. Entertaining your wedding guests with fun experiences and little luxuries can add to the festivities and personalize your day. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Cornish Tipi Weddings, Cornwall. Wedding Dress Bootcamp.

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These days, food trucks are no faux pas when it comes to wedding catering. They're a cheap, trendy way to get good, fresh food out to guests on the fly, and guests are excited to see trucks they know and love at your wedding. However, this is a wedding — not a street fair — after all, so here's how you should do food trucks the right way at your wedding.

How to Do Food Trucks the Right Way at a Wedding

Pizza Food truck for an evening wedding. Actually, a late night food truck of any kind would be pretty amazing

Make Confetti Sticks ... it gets everywhere, which is just half the fun :)

Best Friends For Frosting DIY confetti sticks from straws craft for New Year's Eve