Chanel rouge coco shine hydrating sheer lipstick chance #56

nude glossy lip

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Kaleidoscope Kissers: Glittery Mouthpieces By Ralf Pulmann Bring Back Neon Lips

Mac: Ruby Woo

Everyone is always asking me how to create the perfect nude lip. Well Mac's Satin Lipstick in the shade called Cherish is my go to lip color. Pop on some gloss for an extra glamorous look.

Galaxy Lipstick

use a cotton swab dampened with water to dip into the glitter and dab over lipstick until covered. (Looks like black lipstick, purple/blue glitter)


Lip make up forms an important part of the whole face make up. An attractive pair of lips is tempting. Here are the different lip makeup types that will give you that attractive pout.

Love this dark vampy colour- Azealia Banks x MAC

M.A.C. Russian Red lipstick - the perfect shade of red for fair skin. Use with MAC Cherry lip liner

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