Zoella | Autumn Style | Pinafore & Plaits

Autumn Style

I just really want to visit the building and location in the background Zoella Autumn Style Pinafore & Plaits

I just love this photo so much!! - Tasha

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This is an image of a teenaged girl. There are two teenage girls in my film opening. This image shows a brief understanding of what the two female teenagers look like.

Fields of Gold & Strawberries

Fields of Gold & Strawberries

This is photo goalsI would loveeee to go strawberry picking now but I can't because it's the start of November❤️

i love her sunglasses #zoella #zoesugg

(Zoe) I'm so bad with directions. and bad at not knowing things about a car.

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"Hey, I'm Zoe, i have a pretty rough past. I did some pretty unexplainable things.