Statue in memorial to Alan Turing, Sackville Gardens, Manchester, England, United Kingdom, 2011, photograph by Ian Rhodes. Turing, a mathematician and logician, was considered by Churchill to have made the single greatest contribution to the war effort against the Nazis through his code breaking work. He was prosecuted for homosexuality in 1952, chemically castrated, and subsequently committed suicide at age 42, an action the British government would not apologise for until 2009.

The Alan Turing statue in Sackville Gardens, Manchester, England. Alan Turing broke the enigma code he was a computer scientist and mathematician. He was educated at King's College, Cambridge. By breaking the Enigma Code the war was shorten by 4 years.

Northern Quarter Manchester UK

Northern Quarter Things to do in Manchester aside for joining the Social Media: The Essential Toolkit training course that takes place on December

Manchester bee.

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The Trafford Centre in Manchester is one of the largest shopping centres in the United Kingdom

The Trafford Centre – Manchester, England My partner & I just loved the crazy.vulgar garish OTT design of this huge centre. But not souless like other centres. We would wander around it and just take in the people & colours, the

Manchester worker Bee  A3 print on 300gsm art card by TheNo71LegendRooms on Etsy

Manchester worker Bee A3 print on 300gsm art card

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FAC 51 - The Hacienda Club in Manchester.

Web link - haçienda 25 the exhibition: fac 491 - - December 2012


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