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garden design / repinned on toby designs

nordfjell& chelsea granite collection Effective use of height and textures against charcoal background, highlighting tones of green.

Contemporary garden design incorporating pond with more than a hint of Japanese Zen stying.

Contemporary garden design by Andy Sturgeon. Simple interlocking rectangles form the basis of the design with hornbeams to the rear of the pool designed to form a canopy and a sculpture design at the back to mirror the overall rectangle theme.

Coutyard #2

Moon to Moon: The gardens of Jeffrey Bale trying to discover if these are mosaiced rugs or real ones? Either way i would love to have Jeff come design our pool area

More ideas
I would like to have a bench like this and a couple of those Trinidad Ranguana chairs for our back deck...

A more refined interpretation of the Belize folding Cayo ("Clam") chair, the Ranguana teak deck chair adds a modern note to the outdoor living sc

Tosca daybed is an luxury outdoor furniture from Tribù designed by Monica Armani

Fabric garden bed TOSCA, design by Monica Armani - TRIBÙ - News and press releases

I love this...I need a table cloth and an umbrella for my patio set

Thin cables attached to the building with hook-and-eye fasteners and turnbuckles provide a nearly invisible support system for training roses. Consider using weather-resistant marine hardware.

The reception was quite elegant. Green vines and bushes mingled with the soft pinks, white, and purples of the fragrant flowers. White draped table and chairs were scattered about, warm sun shone down gently, the grand window of the mansion sparkled and it was all just so elegant. It was empty now, but as evening fell, candles would light and it would become magical. Already, formally dressed, smiling people were trickling in, chattering and laughing.

Window style perfect here----to be used on all casement windows in house-----only vary dimensions to keep window panes square. Also----good example of French Doors, but still can't decide whether or not to put in vertical divider or not.

Gardening on a surface that's not your usual environment (eg. Garden) can be difficult to get your head around. In today's post we'll be taking a look at 31 Roof Garden Ideas to Bring Your Home to Life, these roof gardens will give an alternative view on how to liven your roof space. Rooftops are usually unused spaces and if you have a small backyard and want to bring some more green by placing some plants to your roof!

31 Roof Garden Ideas to Bring Your Home to Life | Courtyard garden.jpg | Dangar Gardens November 2009

mossman residence by william dangar associates. I love the open courtyard in the middle – roman / spanish style.