Michael Craig-Martin: Summer Exhibition 2015 Royal Academy poster, Courtesy Royal Academy of Arts

Summer Exhibition 2015 Poster measures 60 x 80 cm. Poster features image of Burlington House.

Cabinet exhibition (2012 Winner) by Will Day,	Mark Girvan and David Jones. Started to look at the D Professional Awards entries for rough ideas and see what sort of work gets entered. A brutally challenging campaign about the Plymouth City Museum. Challenging the stereotypical public perceptions in the arts. The message packs a punch. Simple in design, but the rationale makes up for it.

Cabinet - Buddy Creative - Devised to challenge mainstream perceptions of museums and art galleries, Cabinet was an exhibition of works by 12 architects

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Electric Fields by Xavier Coulombe-Murray, via Behance // I like the use of typography and layout, as the poster makes you look around the whole graphical image.


Helvetica誕生60周年記念 デザインスタジオの手がけるポスターが楽しめるサイト「60th Anniversary Helvetica Typeface」