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Date: 1979 Details: This photo of Debbie Harry shot during the filming of the Heart of Glass video, was given out to members of the original Official Blondie Fan Club and was taken by Roberta Bayley.

Blondie Debbie Harry Beautiful Original photo 1979 Heart Of Glass Disco

Bananarama and their cool outfits!


Debbie Harry intimately involved with her guitar. What can be said that we don't already know about Debbie and Blondie?

bananarama | BBC - Music - Bananarama

Bananarama worked with SAW and their huge hit "Venus" was produced by SAW.


The shoes and the sock remind me of Michael Jackson.

Recently The Breakfast Club had an anniversary....if you want to run the memory lane again  BUY 11X17 POSTER HERE FOR $9.99

A slew of classic movies arrived in We look at 21 now classic flicks that were all released in 1985

Had this poster from Smash Hits on my bedroom wall in 1982

In 1983 Bananarama did a cover song of The Sex Pistols "No Feelings", and it has finally been released on CD. It can be found on the 2007 UK reissue of Deep .