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This duck breed spotlight highlights the khaki campbell, saxony and ancona all on the Livestock Conservancy critical lists and great fun to raise.

Raising backyard ducks is fun and they're great egg producers. Lisa Steele at Fresh Eggs Daily spotlights three breeds, the Khaki Campbell, Saxony and Ancona, which are on The Livestock Conservancy critical list

Raising Ducks: Six Popular Breeds

Raising Ducks: Six Popular Breeds - we have three of these breeds at Mineral Springs Farmstead!

Khaki Campbell duck is a prolific egg layer which eats far more forage than a chicken ever will.

Khaki Campbell Ducks- Heritage Breed Ducks Check out the website for

Indian Runner Ducks #PurelyPoultry

We have been offered some Indian Runner ducks for the park. Indian Runners are an unusual breed of domestic duck.