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These are a series of collage/illustrations by Argentinian artist/graphic designer Laura Guarie. I find a lot of inspiration from the combination of the female heads and the thin sharp geometric lines.

mark demsteader

mark demsteader (The Jealous Curator)

I absolutely love work that is half “finished”… there is a true confidence in it, as it’s quite a skill to know “when to stop”. These perfectly half drawn ladies are the work of UK based artist Mark Demsteader.

Self-Portrait by Georgia O'Keeffe. I'd never seen this one. She took a lot of care to record her wrinkles, and I love the gray flower looming behind her, all that spiral energy.

Self-Portrait by Georgia O'Keeffe She was a woman of courage. You will notice that she did not glam it up for her self portrait! She was a real artist and a REAL human being.

Saatchi Online Artist: Brett Williams; Chalk, 2009, Drawing "Isole". This is brilliant inspiration for an interpretation and material experimentation I wanted to try using my own underwater photos. I think that using chalks or pastels will be able to reflect the ripples of light much more effectively and easily than using acrylic paint.

We are enjoying these paintings by South African artist Brett Williams. Brett is a self-taught artist who is also color blind and currently based in C.

Daré alla Lucé photograph series by Canadian artist/photographer Amy Friend. “Through small deliberate interventions, I altered these vintage images, allowing light to pass through them. (After all, photographs are made possible with light.) In a literal and somewhat playful manner, I aimed to give the photographs back to the light, hence the title of the series, Daré alla Lucé, an Italian phrase used to describe the moment of birth.”

amy friend - pin pricked photos Oh my! Fairy dust, fireflies, and maybe just a little bit of magic. There is something almost celestial about this lovely found image series, titled Daré alla Lucé by Canadian artist/photographer Amy Friend.

Patrick Hickley Complex Structures, 2012

Patrick Hickley Complex Structures, 2012

Nunzio Paci’s Graphite and Oil Paintings Merge Nature and Anatomy - His art explores the relation between men, animals and nature - His works always represents a body including a lot of mutations. The painter says his intention is “to explore the infinite possibilities of life, in search of a balance between reality and imagination.”

Nunzio Paci’s Graphite and Oil Paintings Merge Nature and Anatomy D-u-u-u-u-de! (and I don't usually say, "Dude".) This is wonderfully detailed work using one of my favorite concepts, "amalgamations of plants and animals".


Can use the composition idea for your 3 final design ideas. Interesting to divide up the image across more that one piece? Final piece could still be a collection of these

Ana Teresa Barboza

Ana Teresa Barboza (previously) produces embroidered landscapes with wandering streams that break the fourth wall, jumping off their structures and cascading to the floor in waterfalls of blues and greens. The remaining landscape Barboza keeps in black

Map and Celestial Star Chart Portraits by Ed Fairburn -confused face on map, where do i belong?

WHY: I like the way the top one uses the lines of the map to create tone and how the others use circles to add interesting tone. This is similar to my chosen artist Akumu Kurai.

"Larger in Life" - Jason Shawn Alexander, oil and mixed media on canvas, 2012 {figurative art male seated african-american black man grunge painting} Looks like Windell D. Middlebrooks?

Jason Shawn Alexander

[sic] is a new series of large-scale works by Los Angeles based artist Jason Shawn Alexander. They are his most direct and personal paintings to date.

Benjamin Shine

Benjamin Shine (I need a guide)