History According to Tumblr (12 Pics)

We just went for world domination everyone's different xD Britain :D

The Most British Picture Ever, Presented by her Majesty Google and her good friend Sir Tumblr<<< Loki or Tom Hiddleston should be in there too

An arrow to the knee post of Britan as part of the suddenly hetalia collection by Kayleigh Clark ------ The guy with the corgi is Stephen Fry!


Americans Ask What A Cheeky Nandos Is And British People Are Having A Field Day -- archbishop of banterbury <-- I'm dying!


Did you mean: A) Loki and/or Sherlock B) Tom Hiddleston and/or Benedict Cumberbatch<<< or British people generally

The colonies, tumblr funny

OMG THIS IS FROM ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (Tobias is pretending to be a female British maid. So an American was pretending to be British. A British person didn't actually say that.) That episode was hilarious!>>>> we do call you the colonies sometimes

Hahahaa that last comment!

I've been laughing at this for ages, but now I found an edited version. Always got weird looks when I used the word 'fortnight' from reading too many historical novels. Now I know I just need to move to Great Britain.

Sometimes I'm so proud to be British It took me a moment there

Wait wait wait, autoglass repair autoglass replace is something in britain too ?

You know your british when ... - great-britain Photo

Rich teas are crap, custard creams and bourbons have to be split first, digestives are okay I guess but hobnobs. Hobnobs are the best biscuits