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In cellabration of the sacred month April, every year we should all fill our pockets with dark colored or black glitter and at random times throw them in the air and sing a song of your choice really loudly by Fob, Patd or Mcr

I adore the short hair and I like the long but I'm too cheap for extensions

Lara(Hey I'm Lar and uhhh I love drawing and music. I'm a huge emo nerd and I love eating. I do have depression tho so.yeah say hi

oh the crossover.and Dan looks creepy here for some reason

Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco. He's the only man that can rock eyeliner. ^ woah okay excuse pete wentz, gerard way, and dallon weekes I guess<< not to mention Adam Lambert << lots of men rock eyeliner

We Remember The Lyrics: My Chemical Romance photo chermarie's photos Welcome to The Black Parade

There's a Brendon Urie GIF for that

There's a Brendon Urie GIF for that>>> we're like the supernatural of bandoms