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Them EYELASHES BRO! Jacksepticeye / Sean McLoughlin / Sean William McLoughlin

(Sequel to I don't want to hurt you) Sean and Y/N. Meant to be from… Fanfiction

26 Funniest Things Tumblr Has Ever Said About Harry Potter | SMOSH

What's funny is that James and Oliver have to wear wigs since they're actually brunette and yet they have long hair like everybody else. Neville is the only guy in this movie decent enough to CUT HIS HAIR!

fc: jacksepticeye ] "hey there, i'm sean." i say with a clead irish accent, "i am nineteen years old. i am quite a bubbly person and i tend to talk quite loudly." i chuckle.

Mr. Septiceye in a suit! *fangirls and dies and brought back to life to see him standing in my house in his suit holding his hand towards me*

Sean McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye) - All dressed up for SXSW Gaming Awards 2016

A Guide To Manipulation

A Guide To Manipulation--I think this is mainly due to the fact that when you speak that quickly it overloads people with information and it pressures them into making a snap decision