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Elf On A Shelf idea. Sneaking a drink in the fridge.

We love to do Elf on a shelf, our elf is , "Sport", he does cray things around our house like this during the holidays, he writes the kids notes and writes on their faces while they r sleeping

elf on the shelf ideas mischief

Elf on the Shelf playing pranks - make child "burst" through door of room. Also good to do Christmas morning to keep them from getting to the gifts too early!

Elf on the Shelf idea - she would get a kick out of this =)

Elf on the Shelf idea - this would be hilarious for my potty training son right now-- to say see even our Elf uses the potty! (DeeDee & Dooley's Potty Progress Game loves this! Such a great way to keep potty training in focus and make it fun!

Red Velvet cupcakes...I have made these several times and they are by far the best red velvet cake and frosting I have ever tasted.

red velvet cupcakes - special valentines day dessert :-): makes small cupcakes.didnt realize so much red dye was needed.ran out at just under half of what was needed, so they came out a little more pinky red, but still good.